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  • Mohamad Djodjo Gozali


    With his potent leaderships, abilities and experience both in Indonesia and overseas has earned M. Djojo Gozali the position of Head Commissioner. Listed as one of PT Alita Praya Mitra founder, he joined the company since 1995. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Bandung alumni he also recorded as CEO of PT Fortune Adwicipta, a subsidiary of PT Fortune Indonesia. 

    Mohamad Djodjo Gozali
  • Moch Nadsir Masdar


    M. Natsir Masdar has been the Commissioner of PT Alita Praya Mitra since 1995. With his expertise and experience, he is also trusted to hold the President Director position in PT Sumber Sinar Mentari, one of Alita's subsidiaries.

    Moch Nadsir Masdar
  • Ita Yuliati

    President Director

    Ita Yuliati has been Alita's President Director since 1995. One of her best achievement is to establish the company as the only local partner for NEC Corporation to handle the MGTI project in Central Java and Yogyakarta until present. As an National Institute of Technology (Bandung) graduates majoring in Electrical Engineering, she has potent experience and ability to provide the best network, transmission, and data communication solutions for Indonesian leading telecommunication companies such as PT XL Axiata, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk, PT Telekomunikasi Selular, and PT Indosat Tbk. She started her career in PT INTI, a state-owned telecommunication manufacturer and research institution in Bandung. She also active in numbers of associations such as MASTEL and KADIN.

    Ita Yuliati
  • Ernawati Djamin

    Vice President Director

    Ernawati has been the Vice President Director since 2010. With a master degree in Strategic Management from University of Birmingham and a degree from Bandung Institute of Technology, she is also responsible to supervise several subsidiaries under the Alita Group. Her competency has been tested from her experience in PT INTI from 1980-2004.

    Ernawati Djamin
  • Didik Susilo


    Although Didik Susilo is the youngest director in the company, but he was trusted to manage Alita's operation department since 1998. As Bandung Institute of Technology graduated, Didik started his career by completing the construction and development of SDH transmission for MGTI-KSO IB-Telkom project in 1998 to 2001. He also has a master degree on Strategic Management from Prasetya Mulya University in 2010.

    Didik Susilo
  • Rukmanto Saragih

    Director of Finance

    Rukmanto Saragih joined PT Alita Praya Mitra in 2002 . This Bogor Institute of Agriculture graduates has a good professional relationship with several leading banks in Indonesia. He is also known for his success on financial management in his 20 years of career, both in operational and investment. 

    Rukmanto Saragih
  • Teguh Prasetya

    Director of Marketing

    His experience in marketing, management and telecommunication industry has established Teguh as Alita’s Marketing Director. As the founder of Indonesian Cloud Forum Society and a telecommunication, he graduates from Surabaya Institute of Technology and also completed his master study on Telecommunication Management in University of Indonesia. His previous experience includes a position as Senior Vice President Value Added Service Marketing at PT Indosat and his involvements in associates such as MASTEL, APJASTEL, Indonesia Cloud Society, ATSI, APJII, APMI, Indonesian Wimax Forum, Indonesia IN_ISDN User Group, and ORARI.

    Teguh Prasetya
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