Telco Solution

Alita has proven itself as a trusted provider of network infrastructure service and communication transmitter from its partnerships with Indonesia’s most acknowledged telecommunication companies. With our reliable professionalism and adoption of the latest technology, Alita has became synonymous with high quality network services.

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Microwave Radio Transmission

Alita has more than 20 years experiences in handling end to end services and solutions for Radio Microwave Networks, backbone and backbone, with project record of more than 4000 hops supply and installations nationwide. 

Fiber Optic Transmission

Partnering with foremost technology owner in telecommunication transmission technology, Alita also provides the Fiber Optic Transmission Solution with the latest technology capabilities in the market 

Fiber Optic Access (FTTX)

Responding the future needs of fiber optic connected home which will be future standards of home telecommunication services, Alita also provide FTTX Access Solutions backed up with Alita capabilities in handling large scale project deployments 

Repeaters & Accessories

Improving signal coverage cost effectively is one of operator needs. As a good partner of Indonesia operator Alita provides repeaters and accessories in order to provide more complete solutions to help operator ease their problems in signal coverage. 

Offload & Femto Cell

Data explotions due to the smartphone usage has been a problems that plagueing operators networks nowadays, while the speed and cost to upgrade network is could not match with the customer demand on bandwidth. Alita provides wifi offload and femto cells solution to help operators overcome this problem or bridging their proble in upgrading network to keep their pace in fulfilling the customer needs. 


The LTE era will soon coming in Indonesia, Alita backed up with prominent principals in telecommunications is more than ready to serve operators for their future network deployment based on LTE 

Optimisation Transmission Network

To serve their customer with highest capacity of network that they could provide, operators need to continuously improve and optimise their transmission network. Alita provide solutions and services to serve this needs. 

Quality Audit/Improvement Network

Quality is something to be maintained and continuously improved. Alita with expertise in system intgration, large project deployment with ISO standard providing service assistance to alita clients for continues quality audit and improvement of their operations. 

Antenna RF Sistem

Antenna RF System is a cellular network subsystem which directly touches the operator customers devices. This makes it critical for cellular operator to ensure the proper level quality of service delivered with a good quality Antenna RF System. Alita provides a cost effective solutions and services in the Antenna RF System to help operator fulfills their aims and requirements in efficient manners without sacrifying quality.