Broadcast Solution

With proven and broad experience in the broadcasting technology, it is not difficult for Alita to recognize the required needs on the industry. Because of that, we are ready to provide the latest broadcast technology solution for both analog and digital platforms with the best price. Due to our experience and the best of technology, we will deliver the best service for both partners and customers.

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Broadcasting Transmission

A powerful and good quality transmitter is a must have for broadcasters to ensure their content is displayed correctly in their viewers screens. Realizing this essential necessity, Alita carefully select partner principal of technology owner in transmitter industry to provid the best quality transmitter with the most cost effective offering. In this digital era Alita transmitters offering is a complete line ranging from dual cast to fully dvb-t2, from low power to high-power transmitter system 

Head End Solution

Video Processing from Live or Recorded Content format to Transmittable format is one of the key requirement in Broadcasting Core Technology. Partnering with best brand name in this HeadEnd field, Alita providing not only best of breed quality product, but also bundled with turnkey offering in transmission system side in flexible scheme of businesses 

DVB-T2 Network Planning and Optimization

Broadcasters need to have a better coverage to reach their viewers especially in Nielsen Cities. A well planned Broadcasting Network is needed to ensure this aim reached. In Digital Era of DVB-T and DVB-T2, this need of careful planning even become more and more crucial. Alita is ready to support Broadcasters to provide network planning and optimisation services supported by latest technology of tools and applications for this needs. 

Drive Test Services for DVB-T2 Network

A Successful deployment of a well planned Broadcasting Transmission networks need to be verified in real field test condition after Implementation. Alita with their drive test and monitoring tools is ready to provide drive test services for DVB-T and T2 networks for Broadcasters which need such services. 

Network Monitoring Solution

In a multi site brodcasting system with centralized broadcasting studio offices, many sites is located remotely from headquarters. In order to efficiently manage the networks as well as enabling preventive maintenance or actions to keep the transmission live, Broadcasters need to apply a comprehensive network monitoring in their transmission Network. Partnering with Dataminer a prominent worldwide leader in Broadcasting System network monitoring, Alita is ready to help broadcasters address this issues. 

Live Streaming and Content Distribution Network

In the digital age, transmission of content is not solely done by 'over the air' with radio frequency as technology of transmission. Any kind of transmission medium could and being used by broadcasters to broadcast their content. Live video streaming and content distribution over IP and internet is one of the way to do the alternate broadcasting as well as just to do the content transmission. Alita with worldwide partner as technology owners in this area is ready to serve broadcasters that in need of this solution or services. 

Studio Equipment, Workflow and Media Asset Management

Studio operations and production workflow is a heart of broadcasters in term of providing contents. To produce a good quality content, not only ideas and human resources, broadcasters also need solutions for hardware and software in studios as well as in the workflow part to ensure smooth process of productions so it could be delivered just in time before on air. Alita is supporting broadcasters in providing studio equipment as well as IT solution to speed up workflow process in content productions. 

IPTV and OTT Solution

The future of media is also defined by the closest screen that viewed by the customers. Mobile gadgets as well as smart TV is the future screens that needs to be addressed by broadcasters. Alita with its expertise in IT and telecommunications, combined in expertise in broadcasting technology is more than ready to support any broadcasters that would like to reshape its way towards this new screens with IPTV and OTT Solutions related to media.