An Alita’s subsidiary since 2006, the company is focused to be a system integrator to information technology and telecommunication needs. Its aim is to provide the best service for various industries such as transportation, telecommunication, financial, logistics, and more. Several solutions that provided by Nutech are smart card-based solution, mobile application, consultancy service, project management, installation, and maintenance service.

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Multi Application Smartcard Solution

Highly practical card is definitely the answer for information society’s future with its reliable, fast, effective & efficient data processing & reporting, activities monitoring and control, as well as security feuture enhancements. 

Automatic Gate Ticketing System

The system suitable for Transportation industry such as bus, train, monorail, and other public transport as it will provide a better output for management control & monitoring. Not to missed that the solution can be implement at public interest such as thame park, and sights places. 

Toll Collection System

Integrated Toll Collection System covers both software and hardware for the revenue collection of a toll highway operation wich offers flexibility for the highway concession holder to operate, supervice, manage, and maintain the toll revenue function in effective 

Access Control & Security System

With the rapid growth of highrise building included office & apartments we offer the package of securty system that will make all visitor, tenant, and owner fell safe and comfortable as well as ease of manage, control, and monitoring. The system includes: Parking System, Visitor Registration Management, Door Access Control, Pedestrian Gate Access Control, Lift Access Control, CCTV Surveilance System, and Patrol Guard Management. 

Parking System

Nutech parking solution gives flexibility for the building owner to deploy their parking management strategy by customizable solutions, as well as giving expandability and scalability benefit of smartcard usage to make the parking cards for other uses such as e-payment and ID cards.

Electronic Road Pricing

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is an electronic system of road pricing based on a pay-as-you-use principle. It is designed to be a fair system as motorist are charged when they use the road during peak hours. 

FMCG Solution

Solution for fast moving customer goods and outlet monitoring system for telecomunications industry, that required accuracy, effective & efficient system to control, monitoring, gather information to get the best results for its distribution and sales. with the latest mobile devices on any platform such as Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc. 

Project Management and Consultancy Services

Our experienced & professional human capital will provide management service includes on employee recruitment, material purchasing & handling system development, sub-contracting, project control & reporting, and the implementation itself. We believe that theh rapid enhancement of technology and information society in the past few years has pushed us to provide the best solution for urban management & access control. 

Installation and Maintenance

Nutech Integrasi realize the importance of instalation and maintenance supports as on the main factors for operational excellence. This will be backed up by highly experienced, skilled, and commited to standard operations procedure of installation and maintenance 

Manage services

Nutech Integrasi deliver day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations. We supported with experienced management & trusted personel that equiped with latest IT devices and solution 

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