Nasio is an Alita’s subsidiary that specializes on fiber optic telecommunication construction service, which now focused on energy industry’s projects. Established since 1975, Nasio is the pioneer on efficiency-based construction technology. Supported by high quality human resources, Nasio has constructed many telecommunication networks throughout Indonesia.

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System Design

Nasio provide services for network system design with Nasio professional expertise and highly qualified personnel 

Survey & Engineering

Nasio provide survey and engineering services to help operators verify their planning before it being implemented 

Installation Service

After careful planning and verified with surveys and engineering, Nasio providing the installation services with highly qualified personnel and experts to ensure that the project delivered in time, with good quality and effective manners. 

Supply, Logistic & Transport

Nasio also manages the supply, logistic and transport to ensure that the project is implemented as planned without delay caused by third party such as forwarders that under performed. 

Permit & Acquisition

Nasio provides permit and acquisition services where necessary to provide end to end bundle of service offering to the client in deploying their networks 

Test & Commissioning

After the implementation, test and commissioning needs to be done to verify the quality of the implementation. Nasio able to provide this service this internally in their own project and also for other parties that need specific test and commissioning services. 

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