Infrastructure Service

Alita has been operating in communication tower construction and BTS infrastructures for a long time. It also recognized as the pioneer of “site acquisition” and CME construction works for telecommunication operators. With our experience and good track records, in 2011 Alita was trusted by XL-Axiata as one of the tower providers for its nation-wide mobile operation needs. We also recognized by XL as one of its five best tower providers to this day.

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Tower Provider

Alita is providing infrastructure as service in form of Tower Provider Business Model. Alita owns and investing in tower infrastructure to provide leasing service as well as colocation services to cellular operator to save their capex in towers and focus to their main equipments

Backbone Transmission Network

Alita provides backbone transmission network in infrastructure as services business model, with flexible scheme bundling lease with solutions or infrastructure only. 

Mobile Backhaul and 'Fronthaul' Networks

Alita provides mobile backhaul and fronthaul network in infrastructure as services business model, with flexible scheme from equipment/solution lease to network lease. 

BTS Hotel

Access to the BTS sites for regular maintenance and doing network optimisation and maintenance of BTS spreaded in multi location has become problematic nowadays. Alita solutions enable operator to consolidate or centralize BTS baseband into one locations, and placing only antenna and radio unit in the sites which normally called BTS sites where baseband and radio unit located together. By this solution, operator has a flexibility to manage their network centrally, allocate load to each bts, and with remote tilt antennas reduce frequency to access the site directly which often problematic. Alita provides this solution as services combined with Alita Fiber Optic Backbone-Backhaul and Fronthaul Networks 

Inbuilding Solution

Alita provide Inbuilding solutions and infrastructure as services to improve coverage, capacity as well as quality of services for service providers to serve their customers need well in building area 

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