Managed Service

Alita also acts as a third party contractor to recommend and provide service outside of its business lines. Not only in network, application, and equipment services but also in human resource, outsourcing, supporting equipment, and maintenance services.

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IT Managed Services

Today Enterprise IT operations has become more complex due to the increasing needs of corporate to deploy large IT based solutions and infrastructure. For some enterprise this cause a distraction to enterprise organization which has no or little relation with IT in their core businesses. Outsourcing of the IT Operations as well as IT solutions as a managed service bundle has become a solutions for company which would like to focus to their Non-IT related business by deploying full scale large IT solutions, infrastructure and operations without the need to heavily plan, doing upfront investment and operates huge IT operations themselves. 

Telecom Operation Managed Service

Operators Core business is to provide a communication and data service to their customers and also how to increase the number of customers. Operator nowadays realize that some areas in their organization which traditionally considered as their core operations actually could be handled by third parties with managed service model. Alita with its expertise and experience in handling Telco Networks, giving operators option to handle end to end services from planning, design, survey, implementation to operations, optimization and maintenance of Telco Networks with Managed Service Business Model. 

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