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As an IT-based solution provider, Alita offers a variety of services that needed by companies.  We provide customers with quality data communication and efficient IT services, in hardware, software, and both.

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Data Communication and IT Infrastructure

Now data communication technologies are widely adopted ranging from telco operators network, large enterprises to soho even in individual houses. Alita provides end to end data communication technology as well as infrastructure to support its operations. 

Cloud Computing and M2M (Machine-to-Machine)

The next big thing in telecommunications is not only to connects humans to interact via cloud, but also to facilitate interaction between machines in the cloud. Alita is ready to serve this future era by becoming the pioneer in the cloud services and continuously developing cloud based platform for its customers. 

Network Access and Security Management

Security is becoming the key issues in the network operations as well as cloud computing in terms how to protect data privacy, various solutions ranging from specific security solution for telco operations network to end point security that serves corporate to deal with internal securities has been ready to be provided by Alita 

IT Consultancy and Application Development

To enable itself to provide an end to end services and solutions to its customer, inevitable Alita has to be ready with specific and customized request from the clients. This needs become the key driver to alita to be ready to provide IT consultancy and Application development as standalone services or bundled with the end to end offering in other solutions 

IT Operation Support System

With the deployment of massive IT technology in each corporate, the need of professional IT management is imminent while cost wise some companies will have a poblem with the cost scale. Alita tries to leverage its expertise in IT Integration and solution provider to provide IT operation support systems as solutions as well as services. 

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