The company  joined Alita Group since 2003 and its main business focused on providing telecommunication network equipments. Starting from supplying equipments for fixed-line equipments, Buana Selasa (BSG) later starting to embrace the wireless business since 2004. As a high-competency company, BSG has the ability to provide top-to-bottom service from design concept, consultancy to the installation process. The company provides various equipments for wireline, wireless broadcasting (encoder and decoder), business claims with service and solutions, and many more. Currently , BSG is developing the FTTH (Fiber to the Home) service to  be able to serve limitless communication activities of today.

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Claim Services

Operators rely on insurance to secure their network infrastructure from accidental damage from natural catasthrophy or other cause. BSG is providing claim services for operator network infrastructure in cooperation with reputable insurance companies. 

Network Solution

Network is the core area of BSG to supply with any kind of related solutions. 

Inbuilding Solution

BSG provides solutions bundled with surveys, design, planning and implementations to improve coverage, capacity as well as quality of services for service providers to serve their customers need well in building area 

FTTX Product

FTTX Products is already become BSG main product line to be offered to BSG clients, this includes Fiber Termination Management, Passive Splitter, Optical Distribution Point (ODP) as well as Socket and Pillar Distribution Points (PDP) 

Fiber Optic Accessories

BSG is specializing in supply of Fiber optic network accessories such as FO Closure, OTB, Jumper Cord and Copper Cable Accessories 

Digital TV System

Today Digital TV is becoming the standard for broadcasters to deliver their content. BSG is ready to support broadcaster in providing solutions for broadcaster to deliver content in Digital TV standard. 

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