Network Service

One of the most popular solution in voice and data transmission sector is the broadband network service – the big capacity, constraint-free network through fiber optic platform. And Alita is a competent provider of such service as we have a license to develop fiber optic networks throughout Indonesia.

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Dark Core Fiber Lease

Alita provide leasing of its dark core fiber where Alita Networks is available 

Backbone Network via Fiber Optic or Radio

As a license holder of Jaringan tetap tertutup (Jartaptup), Alita main business in network services is providing bacbone network as services for telco operator that have no backbone network in the area where Alita Network exists, or in need of backup route of backbone network for their current running backbone. 

Backhaul Network via Radio or Fiber Optic

Mobile data explosion phenomenon has forced telco operator to fiberize their backhaul network or provide more bandwith in their bachaul networks. Alita provide solutions for this need to help operators saves their capex for backhaul, by providing network as services delivering an end to end link backhaul from customer BTS to their RNC or core networks. 

Managed Capacity

Operator needs solution to fullfill the need for capacity of their network quickly, without heavy investment upfront which normally has to be done if operators want to have a flexibility in increasing capacity. Alita provides flexible 'pay as you grow' or 'leased capacity' scheme to provide capacity at operator end point to operator RNC or Core Network with Alita Network and Investment to give the operator flexibility to adjust their network capacity quickly and effectively. 

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